Curriculum Vitae


Since February 2013 PhD dissertation on „Irony, Self-irony and Humour in 20th century Jewish American Literature” in progress

September 2012 - January 2013 Part-time instructor of literature at the English Department of PPKE (Pázmány Péter Catholic University)

12 June 2012 Comprehensive Doctoral (PhD) Exam, summa cum laude at ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)

2006-2008 Part-time instructor of literature at the English Department of ELTE

2005-2008 PhD stipend at the Modern English and American Literature Program of the Doctoral School of Literary Studies, ELTE, dissertation supervisors: István Géher, György Kálmán C.

Since 2004 Publishing essays on 20th century Hungarian, American and Jewish literature

2002-2005 Civil servant at Országos Közoktatási Értékelési és Vizsgaközpont (National Centre for Assessment and Examination)

2003 MA in Hungarian Language and Literature at ELTE

2002 MA in English Language and Literature with a TESOL Qualification at ELTE

1999 One-semester scholarship at Beloit College, Wisconsin, USA

1998-99 and 1999-2000 One-year Republic Grant at ELTE, received twice

1998-99 Scandinavian (Norwegian) major at ELTE

1998 One-month stipend at the Summer University of the University of Heidelberg

1998 One-year European Commission Grant for Studies in Public Administration

1996-2002 Student of the Eötvös József Collegium (Honors College of ELTE)

1991-1995 Révai Miklós High School, Győr, Hungary



June 2013 Hamis nosztalgiák (“False Nostalgias”, book of poetry, Napkút Publishing House, Budapest)

2013 Editor of “Úgyse Hiába” (“Not in Vain”, a collection of poetry, translations and essays in memory of Professor István Géher, my late dissertation supervisor)

2011 Grant of the NKA (Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, National Cultural Fund) for writing “Hamis nosztalgiák”

2010 First prize in the „Professional” category at the National Haiku Contest of the Japanese Fund, Budapest

2010 Award of Excellence in the “Poetry” category by the literary magazine Mozgó Világ

Since 2010 Member of the Szépírók Társasága (Belletrist Association)

Since 2007 Member of Jury in Literature at “Kisfaludy Napok” (“Kisfaludy Days”, the annual contest in arts and literature for secondary school students in Győr)

Since 2005 Guest lecturer on contemporary Hungarian poetry in several secondary schools

2005 Attila Gérecz Award (for best first poetry book of the year)

2005 Kísérleti nyúlorr (“Guinea Pig in the Lab”, my first book of poetry published by Alexandra Publishing House, Pécs)

2001-2003 Editor of the Section on World Literature at the literary magazine Magyar Napló

Since 2000 Member of JAK (József Attila Kör, József Attila Circle: Literary Association of Young Writers)

2000 Zsigmond Móricz Literary Grant for writing Kísérleti Nyúlorr

Since 1994 Publishing poems in literary magazines



June - November 2013 Mihály Babits Grant for the translation of Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth into Hungarian

Since December 2012 Board member of MEGY (Magyar Műfordítók Egyesülete, Association of Hungarian Translators, the Hungarian member association of CEATL: European Council of Literary Translators’ Association)

30 September 2012 Organizer of the 2nd Annual Festival of MEGY in memory of Professor István Géher, late chair of MEGY

12 May 2012 Co-instructor of the “Translation of Poetry” Workshop at the 3rd Annual Conference of MEGY, Dobogókő

Since 2010 Member of MEGY

2010 One month stipend in Berlin provided by the Goethe Institut as a prize at the literary translation competition of the OIK (Országos Idegennyelvű Könyvtár, National Library of Foreign Literature)

2009-2011 Freelance translator

2009 Degree as an English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English translator, ELTE

2005-2007 Technical translator at Abbott

1999 First prize at the Hermann Hesse competition of literary translation by Cartaphilus Publishing House, Budapest

Since 1998 Translator of literature, especially contemporary poetry from English and German


Language Exams

2011 Goethe-Zertificat C2: Centrale Oberstufe Prüfung

2004 Intermediate language exam in French, C type (both written and oral skills), at ITK, Origo (ELTE Idegennyelvi Továbbképző Központ, Centre for Advanced Language Learning, ELTE), Budapest

2002 Advanced language exam in German, C type, at ITK, Origo, Budapest

1999 First proficiency exam in Norwegian at Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary

1998 Final exam in Latin at Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary